The Benefits of Physical Activity

Last week students learnt that health is the state of wellbeing in which all the components are in balance. Wellness is broken down into six categories. To be truly healthy, you must take care of all six components.

This term we are going to be closely exploring each of the six components in more detail. Last week students researched all the benefits that physical activity has on our body. Reading all the facts the students came up with inspired me to go for a run that night!

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.35.28 PM.png

Can you think of any more benefits? List them below in the comment section.

Parent Information Night

For those that couldn’t make it tonight the slideshow is attached.

We forgot to mention at the end to please download the ‘Skoolbag’ app if you haven’t already, in order to get up to date information and notifications.

Thanks parents for taking time out of your busy evening to attend the information session.

Wellbeing with Mrs Maelasi

Today we watched the movie ‘Croods.’After the movie we discussed the two main characters in the movie and how they were different. Grug was a very negative person with a fixed mindset and his amygdala was the boss of his brain. Guy on the other hand, was positive, had a growth mindset and he had lots of good ideas. He used is prefrontal cortex to think. The students came up with many other differences.

Mrs Maelasi discussed how it is important not to let our amygdala control our body. Our amydala is like the brain’s crazy super hero, protecting us from threats when sometimes there is no threat!. It helps us to react quickly when there is danger. This is also referred to as the ‘Fight or Flight’ response.

We then discussed and practised some strategies to help us calm our Amygdala:

  1.  Square Breathing
  2. Cooked/Uncooked Spaghetti body
  3. Wooooooosssssaaaaaahhhhhh
  4. Leaky balloon breathing

Watch the video we shared again!Calm Down and Release the Amygdala

Camp Quality Puppet Show

Camp Quality is Australia’s most trusted children’s charity. Their purpose is to create the best quality of life for kids living with cancer and their families. Today Gemma and Eleni came to visit our school along with their puppets Kylie, Dean and Melissa to help explain what it is like living with cancer and some of the side effects of chemotherapy. They also explained why it is important to be supportive of a classmates who is either living with cancer or has a diagnosed parent or sibling. Finally they informed us that cancer isn’t contagious and the importance of positivity and recognising our own strengths.

If you have any questions you can send Kylie an email on the website

Welcome Back

Welcome back to all our 3/4 students and their families. We hope you all had happy holidays and we are looking forward to working with you during 2017.

This week we have been getting to know each other and talking about how we can develop growth mindsets to help us learn and grow while working as a team this year. We have also explored the different types of multiple intelligences and discussed our strengths and learning preferences as individuals.

During the week we also read a fantastic story called ‘Fantastic Elastic’ the book informed us that the brain has many parts that do all different kinds of jobs. It also made us aware that your brain grows very fast during the first ten years of your life. This is the magic decade when you can help your brain grow faster and be more powerful.

This year we are hoping you give your brain a good workout by trying to learn many different things.
fantastic elastic.jpeg