Fidget Spinners

Today we read an article about Fidget Spinners. We learnt all about this latest craze sweeping the globe. Such as;
*The inventor of the gadget
*How it all begun
*What the disaster was in 2005, resulting in the inventor not making any money
*Uses of the Fidget Spinner
*Why some schools have banned the fidget spinners

What did you learn from reading the article? Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 2.56.01 PM.png

National Sorry Day

Today is National Sorry Day.

It is a day that recognises the negative impact of Australian policies, practices and attitudes on Indigenous people.

We celebrated the day, by getting our hands painted and creating a banner with the words ‘sorry’ painted on it.  The Year 5/6 leaders, did a fantastic job running the activity.

Kids Helpline

Today the Year 3/4’s all experienced a video conference for the first time. They spoke to a counsellor named Georgia who works at the Kids Helpline. Georgia spoke to all the students about the importance of friends, how to best get along with people, the qualities you look for in a friend and how to approach and solve conflict. Thanks Mrs Maelasi for organising the session for us!

What did you take away from the session? 

Who stole the hammer?

If you didn’t get a chance to solve the mystery today, as you were completing another task, have a go at it below!


Did you enjoy this task? 
Did your group work collaboratively to solve the crime?
Would you like to be a detective when you are older?


Making Inferences

This week students are working on the CAFE strategy ‘Infer and support with evidence.’

Making an inference is when you use experiences, observations, prior knowledge and clues from the story to figure out what the author is not directly saying.
Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 6.59.33 PM

Take a good look at the picture below. What inferences can you make? Write them in the comment section below! 

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 6.54.01 PM

The Life of Jesus

This week students have been busy researching the life of Jesus. The students were given the task to explore his life and select his most significant events to represent in a timeline. It was wonderful hearing all the information that students learnt about Jesus at the end of each lesson.

Today was the final lesson where students printed their information they collected over the week and presented their information on the paper. Even after the lunch bell went, it was great to see students stay behind eager to finish their work.

Well done 3/4’s! It is great to see so much enthusiasm and effort being put into tasks.

The Rosary


This morning during morning prayer we discussed that there is a special way to honor Jesus and Mary and we call it praying the Rosary. We use a circle of beads and we say a prayer as we touch each bead. Father Luciano very kindly gave every student rosary beads as a gift and after the month of October students will be able to take these home.

When we pray the rosary we think about important times in the lives of Jesus and Mary.  Some of these times were happy and some of these times were sad. We call these important times mysteries.

There are four sets of mysteries and each set has a different name. Does anyone remember what they are called? Write them in the comment section below?


Walk to School Day

Congratulations to all the students and families who took part in Walk to School day today.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 6.36.34 PM.png

National Walk Safely to School Day is an annual event and has been running for 18 years. Walking to school not only reduces the level of air pollution created by motor vehicles but also improves our health and wellbeing.


Who walks to school on a regular basis?