Mystery Stories

In class we read the story ‘The Mystery of the Missing Map’ by Marcia Vaughan and Witold Generowicz. This story inspired us to write our own mystery stories. Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 4.31.51 PM.png

Have a read of some of the students writing below! They all did a fabulous job. Well done 3/4’s.








If you know of any other great mystery stories that you have read, please list them in the comment section below.

What is my number?

Today for our Maths warmup, students in 3/4C were given a number on their back. They needed to go around the class asking yes or no questions to guess their number. Well done to Cindy, Haydar and James for asking great questions and being the first three in the class to work out their number.

You can try this activity at home! If you do, let me know in the comment section who was the first to guess their number in your family.



Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 4.34.56 PM.pngIn the comment section below, add three words to continue the story! Let’s see if we can create a great story together as a year level.  Make sure you read all the comments, before adding your three words, to make the story flow.

World Refugee Day

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 10.54.09 AM.png


Today is World Refugee Day, it is a time to consider the millions of children with no place to call home.

For some child refugees they live in constant fear, uncertainly and instability. Where will their next meal come from? Where will they sleep? For these children, basics like a full tummy and going to school are distant memories… and they only laugh, play and sleep with their favourite blankets in their dreams.

Worldwide, nearly 28 million children have been forced from their homes, including 10 million child refugees and an estimated 17 million more who are displaced within their own countries. These homeless children desperately need our help. (

This morning we gathered together as a year level to pray for the refugees. In the Catholic Church no one is a stranger; the Church has a strong tradition of welcoming the stranger and the Church is open to anyone, anywhere. 


First Holy Communion

Congratulations to the following children who made their First Holy Communion on Saturday.

It was such a beautiful service and the students looked fabulous.

In Holy Communion, Jesus comes to each one of us. Sharing this mystery together makes us one with each other and one with Jesus. We are joined in a special way with Jesus and the family of God.

A ‘shout out’ needs to go to Mrs Galea who ran several workshops with the students to prepare them for this sacrament.

Photos coming soon 

If you have any photos from the day, you would like  to share with us please send us an email .
Here are two from the day!

Holy Communion

Saving a spot in the middle for Father Luciano!

Thanks Aliana for sharing the following photos with us!

Thanks Mikaela for sharing the following photos with us!


In preparation for our Mass next week we would love for you to learn the following songs.

Song Lyrics- Live justly, Love tenderly,
Walk humbly with God.
Here in this place, This place of love,
This is our call.

Gathered together here
gathered hopes, and gathered dreams
Though many we are one
Spirit of peace, Spirit of love

Live justly, Love tenderly,
Walk humbly with God.
Here in this place, This place of love,
This is our call.

Christ in you and Christ in me
We are called to love tenderly
Heart to heart and hand in hand
Young and old, woman and man

Live justly, Love tenderly,
Walk humbly with God.
Here in this place, This place of love,
This is our call.

God in the mountains, God in the trees
God in the gentle running stream
Humbly walking with our God
God of me, God of all

Live justly, Love tenderly,
Walk humbly with God.
Here in this place, This place of love,
This is our call.

Stop the Clock

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 6.24.58 PM.png

Stop the clock 2
Match the digital times with the times on the clocks. The clocks include o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past times. The times are randomly generated so you can play lots of times.

Stop the Clock 3 Match the digital times to the times on the analogue clocks. The times are restricted to 5 minute intervals.

Stop the Clock 4
See how long it takes you to drag the digital times to the analogue clocks. The clocks display times to the minute.

24 hour time 
Some students in 3/4C found these games for 24 hour time. If you have anymore time games that you are finding helpful list them in the comment section below!!/media/1388003/time-tools-24-hour-to-the-minute-time-match

What do you find most tricky about telling the time? Write it in the comment section below?