Google Forms

Today we had a workshop with Tser Lin. She showed us how to create a google form and how we could use this to support our learning.

What is the purpose of creating google forms? 

What are some of the shortcuts you know on the chrome books? Tser Lin showed us quite a few today! 

St Monica’s Visit

Today students in Year 4 experienced a couple of hours in the life of a secondary school student. They listened to some students speak about the difference between charitable work and social justice. They also identified after a creative activity, the key concepts of social justice. The second lesson was an Italian lesson!

What were some of the differences you noticed between secondary school and primary school?


Solids, Liquids and Gases Incursion

Today the students participated in a fun and interactive Science Incursion exploring matter and material properties. The students examined the particles in each of the three states and classified objects under the headings of SOLID, LIQUID and GAS. Students watched an experiment using dry ice and were amazed by the results! They took on the role of a scientist and conducted their own exciting experiments using dry ice and other materials.