Our Timelines

Year 3/4 students have produced some impressive and informative timelines that show their life from birth until now. They have been displayed in the ‘Trusted Learning Space’ and we invite you to come and have a look at them over the next few weeks.


6 thoughts on “Our Timelines

  1. Olivie

    I think everyone did a great job and worked very hard on the timelines.I loved to make timelines and it as a little bit hard but I got out of the learning pit from 1-10.Our table was very messy when I was doing the timeline.I think timelines are good to learn about other people.

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  2. Alisa

    I really like discussing with my dad and uncle and finding out what a timeline could be used for and where a timeline can be shown.😄💕

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  3. Bianca

    Timelines are the best and I want to do it again the reason why that I want to do it again because I like sharing my group my timeline.


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